The Geological Society of Hong Kong 香港地質學會


Long Term Cooperation with HKSAR Government Agencies

GSHK is committed to the advancement of earth science in Hong Kong by bestowing a platform for discussion of recent advances in earth sciences, provision of opportunities for enhancement of the geosciences profession and outreaching and educating the local community in Earth science through seminars, workshops, fieldtrips and other academic activities. The society has been providing seminars and training workshops on secondary school curriculum for school teachers, often in collaboration with universities, EDB and other government agencies.

Since year 2006, GSHK has joined the ‘Partnership Scheme with Subject-related Organisations’ initiated by EDB. Two courses one comprising 8 seminars and 6 fieldtrips on Dynamic Earth, and another comprising 42 seminars and 18 field workshop, were successfully held, providing training for over 1200 teachers on the earth science aspects of the New Senior Secondary curriculum.

Dynamic Earth for NSS Geography Curriculum
provided for geography teachers in 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 school years.

8 Seminars:
-Earth system, the Earth’s structure and the plate tectonic theory
-Rocks and rock cycle
-Geology and physiography of Hong Kong
-Geological map reading
-Earthquakes, faults and folds
-Weathering and erosion
-Reclamation and fill management
-Landslides and Landslip Hazard Remediation

6 Field trips :
-Lai Chi Chong
-Ma Shi Chau
-Penny’s Bay Reclamation Site

Instructors :
-Prof John Malpas, Department of Earth Sciences, HKU
-Prof LS Chan, Department of Earth Sciences, HKU
-Dr Raynor Shaw, Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Mr Jeffrey Wong , Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Ms Denise Tang , Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Ir Cheung Chi Tak , Lands Department, HKSAR
-Ir Chung Wai Keung , Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Mr Lee Cho Min, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
-Mr Lin Hoi Yung , Hong Kong Polytechnic University

NSS Geography Workshops cum Field Studies on Teaching Geology-related Core Topics
provided for geography teachers in 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 school years.

42 Seminars :
-Earthquakes and Tsunami
-Volcanic hazards
-Rivers & River Landforms
-River System and Flood Management in Hong Kong
-Waves and wave motions
-Coastal Management in Hong Kong
-Environmental Impact Assessment in Coastal Management

18 Days of Field trips :
-Sai Kung (Volcanic and coastal landforms)
-Nam Chung (Rivers)
-Western New Territories or Yuen Long (Coastal and river management)

Instructors :
-Prof Chan Lung Sang, Department of Earth Sciences, HKU
-Dr Chow Kwok Wing , Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU
-Dr David Y Chen, Geography and Resources Management, CUHK
-Dr Rod J Sewell, Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Mr Wong Chun Fai, Jeffrey , Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Ms Tang Lai Kwan, Denise , Geotechnical Engineering Office, HKSAR
-Ir Chiang Wah Sang , Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR
-Ir Ma Pak Fai , Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR
-Ir Leung Kam Ying, Drainage Services Department, HKSAR
-Ms Zita Yu, The University of Hong Kong
-Mr Leung Kar Fai , The University of Hong Kong

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